Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Minnesota, without the bugs.

Lisa and I jetted down to Mexico for our Yucatan honeymoon last week. We started out in Tulum, biking and baking on the beach for a couple days.
Then we detoured off the 'gringo trail' and worked our way down the coast to the town of Bacalar, just short of the Belize border. The quiet little town overlooks Laguna Bacalar, a 30 mile long freshwater lake that was a piece of heaven.
We stayed at a cozy little resort at the edge of town and right on the water.
We found a tandem kayak to paddled across the lake so we could explore the endless supply of uninhabited mangroves and beaches.
With a week of sun, sand and all the fresh food we could eat, we are back home to reality (frozen lakes and long underwear). Back to work...

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