Sunday, February 22, 2009

My first joint.

After considerable delay, I've finally dug into the timber framing this week. I hoped to have all this done before the wedding a month ago, until I discovered the pile of timbers that were milled and planed last fall had bowed and twisted as they I had to take a step back and decide how to fix them. Lesson #1 in timber framing- cut all your wood oversized if you don't plan to use it "green", so that you can true them up once dry. In my case, I altered the plans to use smaller timbers and slightly different joinery methods, then ran them back through the sawmill to make them square again. Starting with just 3 timbers to see how it would go, I cut the joinery for a barn door header and support posts that will go on the east wall.
After a little 'tweaking" with the chisel, they fit together tight on the ground, so I put them up and pegged the joints with oak dowels.
My first mortise-and-tenon joint...a good fit:

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