Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still on the skinny skis

For most of the frigid winter, it is best to 'time' your ski workouts for the warmest part of the day. Then comes March... Ahhh, March. Longer days, abundant snow, and warmer temps- so much warmer that now it pays to get out there at dawn before the sun turns the trails to mush. And if you're lucky, the groomer just laid down fresh cords.
The view from the top of the alpine runs.Admittedly these pics were taken on a frosty morning about a week ago, before we got several days of rain. But with more snow in the forecast this week, we could be back in business for a little while longer.

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margaret harstad said...

Holy Shit You guys!
This is great; we are quite impressed with your work and progress on this beautiful inn! Congrats to you both,
Margaret and Hansi and Tae