Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The pathway form now occupying a large portion of the slab made the remaining tasks difficult- I had to figure out how to provide continuous reinforcement across the building in both directions, and the PEX tubing needed to be put down over and around it. For reinforcement, I used #4 rebar in an 18" grid pattern. Keith borrowed one of his rebar benders so that I could shape the pieces to drop down under the pathway form wherever needed. I could've spanned the whole barn with a single piece of rebar, if I were talented enough to put the required 4 bends in precisely the right spots to curl under and back out of the pathway recess- impossible! So I cut each piece of rebar in half and lapped the joints under the pathway. Working around the pathway form made an otherwise easy task become another dawn-till-dark affair. But eventually my stubborn persistence won out and the grid pattern was done.

Now for the PEX tubing....

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