Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Read my mind.

"Stand back ladies, I've got this COMPLETELY under control." or, "Do we really need in-floor heat?" or, "Has anyone seen the other end of this tubing?" or, "This stopped being fun about 4 days ago..." What I was really thinking was, "Good thing I have Lisa and Tammy here to help figure this out!" Thanks to them, we laid down 600 feet of 7/8" PEX tubing throughout the slab in just a few short hours. Sliding it under the pathway form was a little tricky, but it worked out okay. (Photo by Claire Schotzko) I spent the rest of the day zip-tying the PEX to the rebar and making sure everything was kosher since we will be pouring concrete in the morning! I also connected the PEX to the distribution manifold (where all the strands are bunched up in lower right corner) and pressurized the system to 50psi to check for leaks. It held pressure all night, so that was a relief.

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