Monday, August 20, 2007

Perfect Circles.

Yesterday was spent fabricating 4 more circles for the silo to be built next. Since this was going to take awhile, I started by making a jig on the ground with some sheets of OSB and scrap blocks of framing lumber. After tracing and cutting the plywood arcs, I just laid the pieces down in the jig then glued and screwed them together. This worked quite well, and the finished discs are all within 1/4 inch in roundness. Tomorrow, we start erecting the silo.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa & Shawn.....How fun to watch the progress of Green Gate Lodge!!! You have done A LOT of work in the past week. I really like the silo and "milk shed" additions. It will be fun to see the silo framed - how did you get such good circles??? Hope you get some rest & sleep now and then. I look forward to seeing the next step. Nice pictures, Lisa. JO