Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rectangles are for Squares...

Okay, now things started getting a little more tricky. The attached faux silo that I decided to build with the barn requires its own round section of concrete foundation, and it needs to be accurately formed so that the cylindrical silo walls will fit properly when the framing begins. So I started by building a 10 foot diameter disc by cutting, then gluing and screwing together radiused sections of plywood. It only took 2 sheets of plywood (green treated plywood for the bottom surface that would be in contact with the concrete, and standard plywood for the other) to build the whole thing. This will eventually be used as the sillplate for the wall framing, but for now it will act as the jig for getting the concrete forms built to the correct size. Shown below is the sillplate disc placed on the leveled silo site. After checking, double-checking, and then checking all my measurements again (and I'm still hoping I have calculated everything properly!), I pounded in stakes every 16" around the perimeter. After the stakes were trued up and braced, I attached pieces of Masonite siding which bend nicely to form the circle. I also had to form a short 'entryway' section of wall to connect the silo to the main barn.

Finally, I attached 2 layers of 1" thick extruded polystyrene insulation to the inside of the masonite, plus a base of 2" insulation to the floor, and taped all seams with Tyvek tape.

While this all looks pretty straightforward now, it actually took me a day and half just to complete the silo form!

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