Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary

I finally got the Golden Ticket- A building permit is now in my custody. But it didn't come as you would have expected. I've had countless conversations with the Building Official and answered dozens of questions about every conceivable detail of the plan. I even learned how to calculate the maximum loads on the foundation and structural members of the framing just to prove my'd think I was building a space shuttle! But still no permit was delivered, despite promises that it was coming. So on the 2 month anniversary of my application, I called on the Biwabik City Administrator and described the situation. The reply was something like, "if the Building Official told you it was okay, then go ahead." With that, he signed a permit and handed it to me! So after 60 days of fighting the good fight, all it apparantly took was a trip to city hall and some second-hand information. I should've thought of this weeks ago. -Shawn

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