Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tile. Work.

After months of trials, tribulations and do-overs, the floor is finished. Rather than describing the ordeal in detail, let's just say that one should not choose natural slate stones for their very first tile job- I was too naive to realize what I was in for! But in the end, it turned out okay and should make for a stunning bathroom once the fixtures are in. The pillars are salvaged Douglas fir columns that we found at Better Homes and Garbage in Minneapolis. These are hollow, so in addition to looking cool they serve as chaseways for the plumbing vent stack and electrical wires going to the ceiling (A clever design element from our friends at Simply Green Design).
I cut the left over stones into smaller pieces for the base trim around the curved wall. Originally, I had envisioned an arched ceiling, but i took the easy way out and built a flat, dropped ceiling (and filled the space above with additional insulation). Who looks up, anyway?

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