Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hay loft trim out.

Last week, I got back to the interior finish work in the barn. The goal is to start on the upper floor (bedrooms and bathroom) and work my way down until everything is done. Putting up trim is a good sign, as it must mean the project is nearing completion. However, I quickly found out that curved walls + arched roofs = painstakingly slow progress, and I spent a solid week milling, finishing and installing all of the bedroom trim. The hayloft area is separated into two 'semi-private' bedrooms by a partition wall, so in addition to the baseboard trim, I had to cap the top of the wall and trim that as well. The curved sections of the wall were pretty tricky and required a lot of clamps and screws to make it work: But the finished product turned out pretty good, considering my limited skills. Finish carpentry is not my strong point.
The baseboard trim was also tedious, as I had to work my way around each of the vertical timbers. In all, it took around 125 pieces of trim, complete with curves and custom miter cuts, to finish the hayloft...yes, I'm really good at creating work for myself!

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