Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who needs technology?

We were preparing to start the insulation when we realized that our 2-way radios were not working. Okay, we thought we could do this without radios. Shawn was on the second story of the barn and I was outside on ground level. The first day, we tried the shouting method. With the blower running, we could not hear each other. So, then I would either turn off the blower and shout to see if he was finished or I would walk into the barn, up the ladder and ask "Are you done yet?". This got to be a tad bit tedious. Luckily the first day we had a room for error. If I didn't turn the blower off in time, the cellulous would just go to another area that needed to be filled. On the second day, we were getting to the end of each "pocket". There wasn't much room for error. I guess the worst that could happen would be that there would be cellulose everywhere. We went looking for a battery for the 2-way radios. Couldn't find one. Shawn had a great idea of using a string. He would pull it when he was finished. I was worried that if I was doing something like loading the blower, I wouldn't see it move. So, I added an accessory and it worked beautifully! My family goes to the state fair every year and plays the "frog game". Every year we get stuffed frogs that hang around the house. So, I have finally found a good use for our frog. After a hard days work, Frog now has a place of honor in the barn. He is the Green gate official mascot. Really, who needs 2-way radios?

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