Monday, August 04, 2008

More adventures in silo-building.

With all the flat surfaces in the barn covered with drywall, it is on to the more difficult areas. I started on the ground level of the silo, which will be dining room once finished. Because of the sharply curved wall, standard drywall wouldn't make the bend, so I went with two layers of thinner 1/4" drywall. After the entire wall was covered with the first layer, I trowed on a coating of joint compound before screwing the second layer in place. The end result was a standard 1/2" thick wall that formed a nice curve, but it took twice as much time and twice as much money to do it (ironically, 1/4" drywall costs more than 1/2" drywall, and you need twice as much!). I am rethinking how I do the upper level....

My dad came over and helped rig up the scaffolding around the silo exterior so I could prepare it for the stucco. Thanks to Keith borrowing me some of his scaffolding, we were able to circle the entire silo and tie everything together solid. I have been dreading this job all winter, but with the scaffolding so rigid, it is actually pleasant to be working up high now. The original layer of XPS foam was covered with Tyvek Stuccowrap, windows flashed (again), and then covered with 1" EPS foamboard, screwed through both layers and into the studs.

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Thanks for the updates - always love seeing whats happening on The Homestead.