Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Loading the Evergreen

I spent a few days building some shelving in the Evergreen, then transferring everything over from the garage. Compared to the garage (think dirt floor, rotted foundation, and a plethora of animals/insects/birds calling it 'home'), the storage container feels like the penthouse suite of mancaves by comparison. It is solid, dry, and does NOT reek of bat guano...ahhh, the good life!With the garage emptied out, demo ensued on the structure. The skin (siding, shingles and tarpaper) came off in a couple of days, with the help of Lisa and my parents (who thankfully, refuse to act their age and are more than happy to climb up on the roof and tear off shingles).
Other than the rotted wood around the base, everything is solid and will no doubt be useful for upcoming projects.

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