Monday, April 26, 2010

Lincoln Logs for grown-ups.

We'll be exhibiting at the Living Green Expo In St. Paul this weekend and I wanted to make some unique (and sustainable) eye candy for our booth. I decided to build a table, working with one of our maple slabs cut with the Alaskan mill and a reclaimed timber. Here's the rough slab after being kiln dried.

I don't have the proper tools for working with material this large, so it took a lot of hours with the planer and sander to smooth it up. After about 10 coats of shellac, it looked pretty good.

I cut mortises in the table top and legs to mate them together like the Lincoln Logs we played with as kids. The fit was tight enough that the table is surprising stable without any fasteners. Here's the finished product, ready for a trip to the big city.

If you're in St. Paul this weekend, come check out the expo at the state fairgrounds, and stop by to say "hi" if you do!

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RenovationGal said...

That table looks great! I'd like to have a shorter version of something like that with the natural wood finish with it. We had a woodworker that we hired through do some furniture for us as well a while back. The stuff turned out great. Great post!