Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Goodbye greenhouse.

We had a greenhouse along the edge of our field. Built a half-century ago, it started out as an impressive structure with glass walls and a nice barrel stove inside. At some point the glass was replaced with fiberglass panels, which eventually weakened and started caving in. Had I intervened 7 years ago when I bought the farm, it might've been salvageable. But I was more interested in working on the house back then (heat, running water and a dry roof all seemed like higher priorities at the time). ...So we emptied it out and tore it down, saving whatever lumber was still solid. All that remains is the foundation and the old barrel stove, still ready for business. I put the lumber scraps to work immediately, framing in a shelter for our rainwater tanks. Here's a closeup of the plumbing. The garden hose at the bottom is the where the water feeds into the containers from the rain barrels around the barn. The rest of the system is plumbed with 2" plastic pipe, and attached to the tanks with Fernco flexible couplings. I covered it with leftover siding from the barn, and some salvaged metal roofing (the entire roof is actually a separate, removable framework so I can access the tanks from the top if necessary). The wood was all treated with Lifetime Wood Treatment, a new product we are trying around the farm.

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