Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More unbuilding happens

Our five-year plan includes deconstructing one structure each year- We took apart the big barn in '07, the pumphouse last summer, so 2009 called for the other barn to be put to rest. With the help of family and friends, we dismantled the whole building in a refreshingly quick 3 days...if only all my projects could go this well.
So here's how it looked just before the prybars and sledgehammers came out:
Day 1- removing shingles (there were 3 layers) and roof boards:
By the end of day 2, only the brittle skeleton remained...
...and we were happy about that:
Day 3 involved knocking down the walls and pulling apart the timbers, saving what we could for later use:
In the end, we're left with a crumbly foundation and a much improved view of the new barn:

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