Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day, every day.

After several years of dabbling with the simpler life (actually, being whipped and beaten by it), Lisa and I decided to put forth a more serious effort at growing our own food this season. Purely by coincidence, we kicked off our "keepin' it local" project on Earth Day by picking up our first batch of chicks. We got six little peepers, half of them Brown Leghorns and the other half Gold Star Browns. The photo below was taken at naptime...they often segregate, but can also play nice when they are all awake. We also started a variety of seeds for our expanded garden. I built a stand for the seed trays, complete with grow lights (which we found out in the barn) and heated pan underneath. The heat lamp for the chicks also seems to be keeping the seed trays warmer too. We have all this setup in our office/guest bedroom, which is now the warmest room in the house and smells like pine shavings...happy Earth Day!

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