Thursday, May 29, 2008

Urbanite= reused concrete

We need to create walkways around the buildings. Dirt paths are, well, dirty. Crushed rock or mulch are hard to deal with in the winter. Natural stone is cost-prohibitive. Concrete sidewalks are resource-intensive. But what if we could reuse pieces of old concrete sidewalks and bed them in sand like stone pavers? After finding a pile of concrete somebody had dumped along one of my running trails (it pays to be a trail runner!), I decided to find out. So I brought back two pickup loads of concrete chunks and two more of sand, then landscaped the front entry of our house to see how the "Urbanite" would look...we like it, what do you think?


Anonymous said... you EVER sleep? How do you get it all done?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn....Fun to catch up on the progress of the "guesthouse". It looks great and I love the look of the concrete pieces sidewalk. And what a great idea to have the raised gardens! I agree with LT....when do you sleep? You have done a fantastic job of everything. Hope to see you soon - you will be surprised to see how big Ceci has gotten, and, of course, how smart!!!! We are working on puzzles so she can help you with all your engineering type projects. See you in a few weeks.

Mom Jo