Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last week, Lisa took those awesome photos one cold, frosty morning, and I posted them along with some thought about 'renovating' our other guesthouse. It got me thinking (and my thinking usually results in tremendous amounts of work) that maybe the idea wasn't so crazy- I mean, this little one-room shack is perched right on the edge of a very steep, very beautiful riverbank. I took the above photo yesterday while skiing down the Mesabi Bike Trail at a spot where the trees part enough to yield a view of the little shack from the opposing bank. Can you beat this? I think not! So, even though I already stay awake at night thinking of how to finish the barn, or how to build another off-grid one, or how to renovate our century-old farmhouse to Passive House standards, or when I can put up a garage and workshop, or even more importantly- how to swim, bike and run my way back into Ironman shape, now maybe I'm adding this project to the list as well...Focus, shawn, FOOOOCUS!!

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