Friday, November 16, 2007

Fortunately, the weather has been cooperating enough for me to push on. A little snow, but generally warm enough to keep it at bay. The arched roof profile continues to make an easy job not so easy. Installing the trim was brutal and consumed a couple days alone. I made kerf cuts every 8" or so along all the trim lengths to get the rigid pieces to bend around the curve. Making the cuts was simple, but putting these pieces up on the roof edge was sketchy. The safety harness system is priceless! The roofing is not asphalt. These are actually metal shingles made from sheets of recycled-content steel. The galvanized pieces are stamped with a "shingle" profile, then covered with stone coating to protect the surface and provide a traditional shingle-style appearance. All I have to do is snap it in place and fasten to the roof with screws that get concealed by the next overlapping course of panels. This is a lifetime roof- which is good for environmental reasons and great because I should never need to go back up there to replace it! How many products come with a 50 year warranty? This one does!

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